Same but Different

The programme for Same But Different changes day by day so no two experiences will be alike.

The same city and streets but a little bit different –  making the everyday less ordinary in a fun and playful way for the duration of the festival.

Installation by Designs in Air© Terry Rook – Glance Image 

19-23 July 2021


All day

Free entry

Made You Look

Made You Look

Worcester Reunion Tour

Worcester Reunion Tour

Worcester Reunion Tour

The City Speaks

The City Speaks

Worcester Reunion Tour

Heavy Beat Brass Band

Ever wondered what a brass version of Bohemian Rhapsody would sound like? Wonder no more!

Made up of 8 young professional jazz musicians Heavy Beat Brass Band will be taking their funky flair and New Orleans influenced style to a number of spots around Worcester.

With a huge variety of songs, listen out for their music Friday: 10am -The Pumphouse, 11.30 – Worcester Woods Country Park, Cathedral Square – 14.15, Crowngate Shopping Centre – 15.00.

Photo by Ghandi Photography

Atom & Luna – Quest for Old Mother Redbeard

Award winning digital storytellers MBD are bringing their latest digital experience to Worcester!

Follow the map through the magical forest to help set the children free. Mixing fairy tales with poetry and tech with fantasy, Atom & Luna is an interactive children’s fairy-tale you can experience through your mobile phone using Augmented Reality.

For more information on how to start your journey click here.

The City Speaks

This large-scale poetry installation weaves the voices of local poets and creative writers into the fabric of the city. Discover and connect with their thoughts about the world throughout Same But Different.

Flawless by Lydia Sofia

A haiku by Sarah Leavesley

Sabrina's Grace by Leena Batchelor

Things We Missed by Jessica Terry

Your Name by Catherine Parkinson

I Don't Even Drink Coffee by Lydia Sofia

Sabrina's Grace by Leena Batchelor

Sarah Leavesley

A Haiku

“I’ve always cycled a lot and this was inspired by nature, rainbows of thanks for the NHS and other details  I noticed while out on my bike during Covid, as well as greetings from strangers, that lifted my spirits.”

Lydia Sofia


“I wrote ‘Flawless’  during the second lockdown – I was working constantly and missing my usual methods of self-care (seeing friends, a trip to the pub) so I found myself reading and writing a lot of poetry and taking as many relaxing baths as I could manage!”

Lydia Sofia

I Don’t Even Drink Coffee

“I wrote ‘I Don’t Even Drink Coffee’ following a trip to Glastonbury with my friend during the time when shops and cafes tentatively opened after the first lockdown – I remember feeling overwhelmed by the choices on the menu, thrilled to be seeing my friend, and some guilt at being able to enjoy a simple pleasure again when so many would not get that chance.”

Leena Batchelor

Sabrina’s Grace

“Inspired by the legend of Sabrina, who lent her name to the River Severn.”

Catherine Parkinson

Your Name

“I was inspired by the undeniable sadness felt when someone leaves you. It represents the longing to simply speak their name again.”

Jessica Terry

Things We Missed

“After a difficult year full of missed moments with friends, family, and opportunities, this poem was inspired by appreciating those moments where sometimes the world spins by too quickly and you don’t notice the small things unless you really look, as well as the strange uncertainty of re-entering a post-COVID world and noting all that has changed, grown, or been lost since we last looked.”

Release by Ellie Dart

I hope to Improve by Neil Evans

A poem by Sophie Ruane

Manifestation by Sue Johnson

A haiku by Sarah Leavesley

A haiku by Sarah Leavesley

The Tunnel by Ali McIndoe

Ellie Dart


“My poem Release is about empowerment and belief in self.”

Sarah Leavesley

A Haiku

“This was inspired by the sense of freedom and light that came with being outdoors in the sunshine – even during Covid and especially this spring and summer.”

Sarah Leavesley

A Haiku

“This was inspired by missing close friends and family during Covid, and longing to be allowed to hug them again, my relationships and interactions with others being a central part of who I am.”

Neil Evans

I Hope To Improve

“I Hope To Improve was modified from a diary entry, which I wrote when going through CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy); I was inspired to write it while thinking about the ways I deal with my own impatience.”

Sophie Ruane

A poem by Sophie Ruane.

Ali McIndoe

The Tunnel

“As we have all found over the past eighteen months things can sometimes seem pretty bleak, but I wanted to write a little something to remind us that there is always, always hope.”

Sue Johnson


“The poem was inspired by an article I read about how thinking positively improved both physical and mental health.”

Same But Different has been supported by The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust.

Volunteering opportunity

We are always looking for enthusiastic and approachable volunteers to help us stage unforgettable events. No experience is necessary, applicants just need to be over 18, energetic and enjoy meeting and helping others.


Do you have disabled parking?

There is no event specific disabled parking. Please use regular City Centre disabled parking as usual. More information can be found on Worcester City Council website.

How much is the event?

There is no cost to attend the festival.

Will there be photographers?

We have an official festival media team taking videos and photographs across the event to use for our publicity purposes as well as for the project evaluation.

Where are the nearest car parks?

There is no event specific parking, please use City Centre car parks as usual. More information can be found on Worcester City Council website.