Light Night Worcester 2022

23 and 24 February

The Arches Worcester Festivals created a playground in the streets of Worcester. Immersive and interactive artworks alongside intriguing and playful performances, brought light, joy and fun to the dark nights.

From diva Lips on Cathedral Square to the immersive sensory experience of Submergence at The Old Palace and the merging of nature and technology of the gentle robotic sculpture: Luma at The Guildhall there was plenty to spark imaginations and laughter.  

23 and 24 February


6 - 9.30pm

Free event


Submergence - Squidsoup

Created using thousands of suspended lights, Submergence is an immersive, walkthrough experience where the virtual and physical worlds collide.

Neon Dogs - Deepa Mann-Kler

Inspired by balloon dogs at children’s parties, this joyful collection of colourful canines is sure to engage people of all ages.

The Lips - Puppets with Guts

The Lips have broken free from their bodies, and they have something to say… A pop puppetry performance that you won’t stop talking about!    

Luma - Air Giants

Luma is a huge robot; an 8m long, inflatable snail who loves an audience. She looms above visitors with a presence which is gentle, welcoming and otherworldly.

Spin Me A Yarn - Studio Vertigo

Take joy in the fun and surprising things. Spin me a Yarn is a light-hearted and playful artwork. Where will the colourful, luminous yarn take you? 


The DJukebox is a live human Wurlitzer with a resident DJ who is ready to play the songs you most desire. Roll up and scroll through dozens of classic chart toppers and droppers from every era of popular music.

Silent Disco

Collect your headphones and join our Silent Disco party. Expect lasers, disco lights and mirror balls and a fabulous view of the city! Enter Crowngate Shopping Centre on Angel Place (by the bus station) and head up to level 5/6 of the car park via the stairs and lifts.

Disco Heads

You won’t be able to miss our funky Disco Heads dancers mixing and mingling with our visitors. Join them for a boogie!


Keep a look out for the GlowBros roaming the streets in their interactive light masks.

Volunteering opportunity

We are always looking for enthusiastic and approachable volunteers to help us stage unforgettable events. No experience is necessary, applicants just need to be over 18, energetic and enjoy meeting and helping others.


Do you have disabled parking?

There is no event specific disabled parking. Please use regular City Centre disabled parking as usual. More information can be found on Worcester City Council website.

Do I need a ticket?

Light Night Worcester is completely FREE and you don’t need a ticket. There may be times that you need to wait but there is plenty to see so you can always visit a different performance and come back at a later time if it is particularly busy at any point. 

Will there be photographers?

We have an official festival media team taking videos and photographs across the event to use for our publicity purposes as well as for the project evaluation.

Where are the nearest car parks?

There is no event specific parking, please use City Centre car parks as usual. More information can be found on Worcester City Council website.