Volunteers Week – Catching up with Jordan

Written by Arches Festivals

3rd June 2020

Volunteers are a huge part of our Festivals family and we have been reaching out to them during lockdown to see how they have been getting on and how they are spending their time. Volunteer Jordan had this to say…

“It’s certainly been an unexpected turn of events this year, and never the less I’ve adapted to it and have had to work from home in my business admin apprentice role with Sanctuary Group. Being an apprentice ambassador at my workplace has also given me the opportunity to be a motivator and communicate with apprentices and ambassadors with other companies.

To keep myself occupied outside of work at home I have had time to keep up with various hobbies, such as  Live-recording my favorite games,  some of my favorite game titles provide tools allowing me to create content for them , I occasionally get involved with level design/game design.

I’m always actively maintaining my social media presence; to keep myself, my friends and people from all over the world in high spirits. On a humorous note I’ve realized that most of my hobbies, and also my work, take place around a computer, as part of daily exercise I have recently taken up jogging.

I’m thankful to the amazing friends I have that have helped keep me going through the lockdown, if anything, they are my biggest motivators.

I look forward to volunteering with the arches festivals again, seeing everything bounce back from this difficult time, bringing joy to the people of Worcester and from other parts of the county and uniting us through art and creative passion. I’m fascinated by the commissions graduates have come out with and must say that a picture can paint a 1000 words – and while i’m not much of an artist myself, I have a 1000 words to give all of the amazing creative works I’ve seen through the arches festivals and from my time browsing through local creative posts on social media.”

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