Arches Festivals provides a place to remember those affected by COVID-19 and thank our NHS workers

27th October 2020

Luke Jerram‘s In Memoriam, generated local interest and positive comments from thousands during its 9 day visit to Worcester. The ceremonial art installation was created as a memorial to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to pay tribute to the NHS staff and volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to care for so many.

As well as bringing this wonderful art installation to Worcester, the programme also included some special performances within the memorial that visitors would just happen upon. Whilst this hasn’t been possible in quite the same way we imagined, the performances have still taken place and have been beautifully captured on film. Be sure to check out all the videos from In Memoriam by watching our playlist on YouTube or below.

Created from 120 bed sheets, In Memoriam is intended to be a symbol of local, national and international solidarity. Visitors were able to reflect and remember those affected by COVID-19 whilst thanking our NHS and Key Workers. Read about what the installation meant to local NHS workers.


(photos by Ravi Lakhani and Helen George)

In Memoriam is commissioned by Culture Weston and University Hospitals Bristol & Weston NHS Foundation Trust. Supported by Without Walls and FESTIVAL.ORG. Informed by the Wellcome Trust-funded ‘Weather Lives’ project, led by Dr Cassie Phoenix at Durham University.

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