Volunteers Week – A catch up with Phoebe

5th June 2020

Today we heard from another one of our volunteers for Light Night Worcester ,Phoebe, to find out what she has been up to.

“Being creative has definitely kept me sane and busy over lockdown! Painting, felting, cooking and dancing have taken up much of my time and helped me to remain positive during this topsy turvy period.

I usually teach 4-6 year olds at a Saturday performance school so I’ve also spent time making videos for my students to inspire creativity in their homes! I’ve had them making sock puppets, singing lockdown songs, telling stories and learning new dance styles and it’s been lovely to see their imaginative responses.


I’m usually an avid theatre/ arts festival goer and I’ve found one of the really positive outcomes of this time has been the wealth of material that’s been made available online by theatres and festivals. I’ve participated in workshops, talks, watched performances and even taken an online course on ‘art in the public space’. Of course none of these experiences replace being, in person, at a festival and I very much look forward to attending the next arches festival and soaking up the joyous atmosphere and experiencing the city in a new way.”

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